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                     Give the Unique Gift of Land

Can’t you just imagine owning land in any or all 50 states of the USA? Just like, or maybe even more than Donald Trump! Well, it’s possible thanks to the Own a Piece of America.

It’s amazing. You can give (or get for yourself) 1 square inch of land in each and every state in the country.  So if you've always wanted to be a land owner in Hawaii, Fl, CA, NY or any other state...or would like to own land in all 50 states at once, just check it out here. You really must see the site to get the feel for this enourmous undertaking passed on to you. It's among a very few unusual gift ideas that makes a perfect unique gift for a 50th Wedding Anniversary, or a 50th Birthday gift or just about every birthday or anniversary or anytime including for a graduation present or if looking for unique retirement gifts, special new citizen gifts, patriotic gifts, and unique Christmas Gifts.  It's great for a man or woman, husband or wife, son or daughter. In fact it's a great family gift for everyone especially for the person who has everything you can think of. Put it on top of your list too as terrific last minute gifts and gift ideas for valentines day or an anniversary and/or birthday.

Check it out at  www.OwnaPieceofAmerica.us where thousands of people worldwide will become your neighbor in the "smallest land development in the world."  Give the Unique Gift of Land. You'll love it and so will your gift recipient. They'll display the handsome personalized certificate proudly!

Create Your Own Stamps From Any Photograph

This could possibly be the best gift of the decade.  No kidding! Create your own stamps from any photo! It's an idea whose time has come!

When we wanted to commemorate the birth of our son, Ian, my husband and I sent out birth announcements featuring our adorable new bundle of boy right on the stamp! Everyone wanted to know where we got the cool stamps. When my parents celebrated their 25th Wedding Anniversary this past June, we marked the occasion by creating stamps featuring their original wedding photos! My Mom and Dad were thrilled to have such a memorable keepsake.

Click here to get started! Simply upload photos from your computer and you’ll have custom photo stamps in no time! They make unique gifts! Make your mail memorable with PhotoStamps: the exciting new way to turn photos into real US postage!

In addition to what I emntioned above, PhotoStamps are great gifts for Mother's Day, Father's Day, High School or College Graduation (How about a photo of the graduate in cap and gown!), and of course as unique and unusual gifts for birthdays and Christmas. Now that I think of it, I'd make a great stamp to affix on an Engagement Announcement too.

President Barack Obama Collectibles and Keepsakes

Commemorate and celebrate one of the most important events in American history - Barack Obama's election as the 44th U.S. president of the United States. Newspaper reprints, photographs, mugs, glasses, t-shirts and much more are now available. If you’re trying to think of clever, unusual and unique gifts for the contemporary male or female, teenager or child, open their eyes to these marvelous remembrances of this modern era.

The New York Times Store – Barack Obama Accessories, Collectibles, Commemoratives and Photographs

Here are Some More Unusual Gifts and Unique Gift Ideas

from the New York Times


New York Times Sports Gifts

Derek Jeter Signed "Walk-off Home Run Pump Fist" 8” x 10” Photo

Barack Obama GiftClick Above on The New York Times Store banner to find really unique, unusual and special gifts that you'll be remembered for giving including sports memorabilia, photographs, mugs, glasses, t-shirts and much more. All the gifts fit to give.

BallPark Pens

Authentic……..Made from the seats of demolished stadiums icon Have you read about the baseball fans that spent their vacations visiting ballparks throughout the country? Of course some exist only in memory now.

Even though fans can't sit in the cheap seats at Ebbets Field or The Polo Grounds they can own a piece of them with the Ballpark Pen with pens made of the wooden seats from the demolished stadiums. They are laser engraved with the stadiums name and years of existence. If a pen isn't your style you can find a Ballpark Bottle opener or Ballpark Corkscrew made of wooden seats from Yankee Stadium, Wrigley Field, or Dodger Stadium.

My son and nephew both received a pen from my husband and me as a high school graduation present last June and they couldn't have been more excited. "Awesome gifts," they exclaimed simultaneously.  Next I'll get one for my boss upon his retirement. I know it's the type of unusual, unique present he'd relish.  Just go down the list of the men (and women) in your family who are baseball fans. They'll all love 'em!  Guaranteed.

Click here for Ball Park Pens and lots more.


Give the Experience of a Lifetime.

Wow - the most exciting, indulgent, daring, breathtaking, out-of-the-ordinary, and inspirational experiences located all around the USA and the world are available now as the most unforgettable gifts ever.  Yes, right close to home too if you don't want to travel too far to give or get your very special gift.

Talk about unique, clever and to top it off, THRILLING you’ll have the choice of so many activities from hot air balloon rides to cooking lessons, driving a NASCAR® stockcar, white water rafting, to flying a fighter jet, and sooo much more, Great American Days’ range of more than 7,500 exciting unrivaled experiences all across the United States provide the perfect answer for every gift giving occasion.

Great as a surprise Christmas present for husband or wife…or any family member. Take the opportunity to give someone special a life changing experience so they’ll be able to cross out that “I’ve always wanted to…” item from their wish list.

White Water RaftingWhite Water Rafting

Can't you just imagine the look on his face when you present him with this incredible gift that he would never have bought for himself?  Or how about for the law school, medical school or business school  graduate in your family?  Maybe for the retiree who has everything...this'll be the most unique retirement gift ever. They deserve it, don't they? And wouldn't one of the great, unforgettable experiences make a very special Valentine's Day gift or mother's birthday or for your grandfather or grandmother on Mother's Day or Father's Day. ? Oh, for sure!



          The Top 10 Most Popular Gift Ideas for Men

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Own the Coca-Cola Company…and many other companies.   (One share at least!)

What do your friends and family love? My teenager loves Coca-Cola—she drinks Coca-Cola‚ wears Coca-Cola t-shirts and just loves those little polar bears drinking it on the holiday ads. One thing she doesn’t have is Coca-Cola stock. But she could!

The company called OneShare.com sells, well, duh, one share of stock in various popular companies. You get a fancy legal stock certificate to hang on your wall and the company’s annual report that, along with all the company’s financial info, usually has some great artwork and photos starring the company products.

OK, one share may not make you rich, although you will receive corporate declared dividends and have voting rights, but it a great addition to a collector’s memorabilia–whether they love Apple, Microsoft, IBM, General Mills, Disney, Harley-Davidson, Campbell Soup, or many, many more other companies.

Check them all out RIGHT HERE. What a unique, personalized Baby Gift too. You can have it framed and inscribed: My First Stock. Watch them both grow!

Pefect gift for a birthday, graduation, retirement, Father's Day, Motehr's Day, Christmas, Chanukah, or just about anytime.


              The Revolutionary Kindle 2

                 is Truly a Very Clever Gift

and is now available for great gift-giving for the people in your life who love reading.  The second generation of the newest way to read books is only a click away.

A Good Book is EASY to find…anytime, anywhere!  Download any of over 250,000 books in under 60 seconds. And the Kindle 2 is light enough to carry with you at all times.


Amazon Kindle: Amazon's new wireless reading device
Click Here for the Amazon Kindle 2 and other great gifts from AmazonRemember you can still buy books, toys and just about any other thing you can think of online at amazon.com. It's the place to go for unusual presents and awesome gifts for friends, family and business associates. Get your next gift for an anniversary, birthday, going away party present, retirement party gift, or for tons of other good gift ideas and occasions.




Aren’t watches the new cool gift for guys who really want to look sharp? They are! I’ve been so fascinated with the very trendy LARGE faced watches that pop out on some men’s shirts (if they’re wearing long sleeved shirts) or just bulge on some men’s wrists.

Nowadays it’s an easy way to judge whether a man is really cool. Watches make the perfect Christmas gifts, holiday gifts, birthday gifts, anniversary presents (for a man or a woman) and for any occasion.  My brother proudly displays his big, bold 44mm watch as do his college friends.

Click here to see the
Invicta Collection and ALL OTHER Fine Men’s and Women’s Watches and many different brands.

Walk through a restaurant, bar or  even  your office.          What's everyone wearing on their wrists?       The men, women...whether they're executives or from  the  office pool.      Nice big, bright and trendy watches.  You can almost tell the time from across the room.

Look at these watches and search for many more from a hundred different manufacturers.

Click here to see the Invicta Collection and ALL OTHER Fine Men’s and Women’s Watches. 

(All sorts of other items from jewelry to books, toys to trains, for boys and girls, teens and tots as well).


         Hit One Out of the Park for Dad

     with These Extreme Sports Fan Gifts

baseball & football hammer ballpark cuff links


Help Dad add a personal touch (or hit) to the next home repair job. Sports fans and handyman dads alike will love these heavyweight hammers, ready for any job. Choose his favorite NFL, MLB or collegiate football team logo.

Or get Dad (maybe grandpa too) macho cuff-links featuring a piece of the original painted seat from one of America's historic baseball stadiums. These aren't just cuff links—they're a piece of baseball history. Crafted of salvaged seats from America's most famous and beloved stadiums, these cuff links are one of a kind. Coated in the original paint of the stadium seat colors, each cuff link boasts a deep patina collected from decades of home openers, double-headers and grand-slam ovations. Quantities are limited, catch them while you can.  Perfect for Father's Day or Dad's birthday, Christmas or maybe just 'cause you're thinking of him.


Click Here to Get either the Ballpark Hammer or Ballpark Cuff-links.  Also consider macho Ballpark Dog Tags and many other great gifts for Dad.


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